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                                          Could you benefit from personal training?

                                    Do you struggle to achieve your fitness goals?

                                                   Do you need advice or motivation?

                    Do you want to improve your lifestyle and wellbeing?
                                    Forward Fitness can help you to achieve all
                                                               this and more !

We provide personal training that can cover all aspects of your lifestyle and fitness. Our aim is to help you to meet your goals.

We provide professional and dedicated 1-2-1 and group sessions. Our programs are tailor made for you, either to work from on your own between the sessions, or with your personal trainer,  with as much guidance as you wish.   

Whether you want to get fit, lose weight or just want to feel you are making a positive lifestyle change, we can help.

Ring us now for a free no obligation consultation! 


                                         Consultation involves:                              

A chat about your goals, wishes, previous exercise history, physical conditions, prices, sessions and anything else that needs to be discussed.  Filling in of some paperwork, and leaving you with a questionnaire to fill in by next session.  Taking blood pressure and heart rate, measuring lung power, taking circumference measurements, weight, and body fat percentage.  Calculating BMI and waist to hip ratio. All the measurements will be kept on your chart and done monthly or two-monthly, which ever you prefer. If appropriate, you will be asked to keep a food diary on line, so that your diet can be discussed .

We are based in Maidstone, Kent



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