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Benefits of Exercise
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The benefits of exercise are too many to list, but here are some of the more obvious: 

Prevention and/or control of symptoms or causes of many illnesses, this includes:                                                                - Slows down the aging of cells                         - Sciatica
◦ Diabetes
◦ Cardiovascular disease
◦ Lung diseases
◦ Osteoporosis
◦ Arthritis
◦ Metabolic syndrome
◦ Depression
◦ Back problems

◦ Posture and its related problems
Weight loss and weight management
◦ General strength
◦ Core strength
◦ Muscle tone or size
◦ Muscle efficiency and endurance
◦ Body shape
◦ Flexibility and mobility
◦ Co-ordination and body awareness
◦ Toxin removal
◦ Function of the respiratory system (lungs and oxygen intake)
◦ Function of the cardiovascular system (heart and circulation)
◦ Efficiency of the motor response (nervous system)
◦ Sleep
◦ Mood
◦ Stress levels / release of tension
◦ Ability to recover from illness and injury

◦ Levels of energy and motivation
◦ Mental clarity
◦ Emotional stability
◦ Levels of self esteem
◦ Feeling of being in control
◦ Performance
◦ Motivation
◦ Libido
◦ Sense of wellbeing

Exercise with all its benefits can make a great difference to the overall  quality of your life, both physically and mentally!

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