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" Lilli is an exceptional personal trainer.  We’ve been working together for several months now, well over 30 training sessions.  Lilli’s sessions are always fun, always hard work and always leave me enthused to do my “homework” before the next session.


Lilli listened carefully to what I was looking for and has created training schedules for me to work on between our sessions. She changes the routine every six weeks, thereby keeping it fresh and interesting.  Our sessions include free weights, runs, boxing, aerobics (I’m a bloke, I think that’s what it was), interval training and so on.


I did have a personal trainer before Lilli and whilst he was very good, frankly I think Lilli is simply in another league " 


 Huw Pritchard, Chistlehurst


" I have been training with Forward Fitness for over a year now and they have exceeded my expectations of what was possible for me. 


 I had major heart surgery when I was 28 and never kept up with my training since.  (I'm now 45) Forward Fitness has changed all that so now I'm healthier and actually look forward to my sessions. I'm now physically stronger and  fitter overall.  The sessions are fun due to the instructors' bubbly personality and positive attitude. 


Also the fact that she manages to find that little extra effort from me "


Dave Miller, South East London

" I’ve been working with Lilli for almost a year. No session with her is identical to any other and this helps keep them enjoyable, stimulating and challenging. Our sessions vary from free weights and boxing to interval training, running and core stability (Lilli brings any equipment required). Lilli has an enthusiasm for exercise which makes each session fun. When I first started training, weight loss was my primary target. However, having achieved that, I am now training for general fitness and for running goals - 5k, 10k and half-marathon. Lilli has worked with me on exercise schedules to help me to train between sessions and also provided very practical advice on nutrition. I would highly recommend Lilli to anyone looking for a trainer "


Peter Clark


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